WinLine Version 11.0

The mesonic WinLine goes into the next round!
Version 11.0 is just around the corner!

The next generation mesonic WinLine enters the final test phases! What does this mean for you?

Right! From spring 2020, many new and exciting program items and tools will be available in your mesonic WinLine!

mesonic WinLine ERP

What's new?


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WinLine BELEG PRO enables an automated receipt process. This allows, for example, incoming invoices to be digitally processed and directly archived.

Document characteristics (invoice number, date, article data etc.) are automatically recognized and archived as keywords. The corresponding posting record can also be generated fully automatically for accounting purposes.

New design for the WinLine mobile

The mobile view of the WinLine has been adapted to a slim and modern design! With integrated Panel-Groups different elements have been combined and offer user-friendly new menu windows!

In addition, a feature from the deco application was taken up - different colour schemes! Currently blue, green, red and darkmode are supported.

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With the new additional tool the WinLine is extended by an integrated time recording! Coming and going times are recorded easily and quickly. Vacation days, overtime and days off are clearly evaluated and the data can be transferred directly to the payroll accounting.

In addition to conventional working hours, working time parameters, rosters, employee master data and much more can be stored.


New evaluations for WinLine BI

New feautures have been added to the graphical evaluation tool BI. Data tables provide you with new evaluation options, for example, for your sales statistics.

With the circle, funnel and radar diagram, your business data is clearly displayed and can of course be adjusted as usual.


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The goal of WinLine SMART Score is to motivate every user to behave in a certain way! For example the Anazhl on sold products, record more CRM cases or maintain data.

The goals are converted into points, rankings and successes using various rules. Either as a single player or as a team, with WinLine Score you motivate your employees and at the same time keep an eye on all goals!

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