PixelTHEK watchlist management

The watchlist or favorites management is a very helpful tool to find files quickly and easily.
Watchlists are not only for organizing, they can also be released, sent, downloaded or deleted.

PixelTHEK Merkliste

Show watchlist
Shows all documents in the watchlist.

Edit/release watch list
Allows you to edit the watch list information and release the watch list to other users.

Send watch list
Enables the release of a watch list for a limited period of time. An encrypted link is sent to the specified e-mail address, which allows an external view of the watch list. This makes it possible for external users to have access to otherwise protected documents.

Download watchlist
Allows you to download a watchlist. The system packs the watchlist documents and then sends a download link to the specified e-mail address.

Archive watch list
Moves the watch list to the watch list archive.

Delete Memo List
Removes the memo list.

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