mesoINSPECT - Your Customer Service and Maintenance Management

mesoINSPECT offers an industry-independent customer service and maintenance management, which can be directly accesses the data of your merchandise management system. Currently mesoINSPECT a connection to the ERP system mesonic WinLinebut can also be connected to many other enterprise resource planning systems. will be.

  • Activity as daily schedule
  • Record activities by QR code
  • Store measured values
  • Organize maintenance
  • Record working times
  • Confirmation by signature
  • Return to the WinLine

Scheduling, working time recording and the automatic Creation of a daily plan for your employees. mesoINSPECT is easy to operate and saves both your office staff time and money. and your sales representatives precious time!

Activities are carried out The office service is scheduled and transferred to the intuitively designed APP. Your sales representatives work in a structured manner on the clearly arranged user interface your daily schedule and simply record measured values, working times and break times, as well as Travel expenses and consumables. The entire workflow of your Employees are optimized from start to finish.